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How to order

Email or call but please make note of the information we need below.
Have a look at the example email order on the right.
(click on it for a bigger version):


Date and time for your order to be delivered.

Sounds simple doesn't it but we do have many interpretations. Avoid phrases like "next Tuesday" or "Friday" please. A day and date is always best to save confusion. Also if another organisation is to receive the invoice then let us know.


Please state the menu you require.

All the menus have titles. If you can use these titles in your email it will save us having to ask you. Also, don't forget to state your preference for certain menus (Fruit or cake for example) and any bespoke items you wish to include.


Special diets

Please be as specific as possible with dietary needs. Please order the menu quantity for all guests then state  - " X "guests gluten free, "X" guests Vegan etc. We will work out the rest. Don't forget to look at our allergy sheet if you need help deciding on special menu choices.


Tell us about the delivery location

Please give us as much information about the delivery location an who the lunch is for along with any security barriers we may encounter along the way. Also be mindful of the distance from where we can park to where you need the lunch. If for example its a 5 minute walk with three flights of stairs, please tell us so we can allow for extra time.