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Delivery and collection information

How your order will arrive


We deliver direct

Your order will be delivered by us, chilled in ready to serve platters. We transport these in large plastic outer containers which we will leave with you. 


When your food arrives

We advise that your food is consumed within 3 hours of receipt & is kept away from direct heat, radiators and sunlight. Food left out at room temperature will start to deteriorate after this period


Dont need plates or cutlery?

If you have your own access to plates and cutlery and don't need the disposable ones we provide, please let us know and we won't send any. 

Collecting the empty trays

Our food packaging is 100% recyclable. Help us to re-use the platters.


Next day following your event (or Monday if the event was on a Friday)

We will revisit the point of delivery to collect the plastic boxes and empty platters. If its best for you to have them collected from a different location this is not a problem as long as you let us know.


Please dispose of any remaining food.

You don't need to wash the trays (we can look after that) but it would help us greatly if any remaining food can be disposed of before we collect. Please stack the lids and bases separately inside the transit containers for us to collect.


Please dont use the delivery boxes as a rubbish bin.

Sometimes (not often thankfully) we collect our delivery boxes which have been used as meeting room dustbins. These boxes are food hygiene standard and should not be used for anything else please.


Just our trays please!

We know sometimes several caterers may be involved in some of the larger events but we only really want our platters and boxes back not anyone else's thanks!