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Terms and conditions

Allergies / Dietary needs:

 For a full list of the dietary and allergy information contained in these menu items please visit: and click on the “Allergy Info” section. We recommend this list is printed, laminated and made available to your guests. If you have any special dietary needs please let us know when ordering and we will make sure they are catered for with a portion of equivalent value to the others ordered.


Please note that orders cancelled less than 24 hours before the booked delivery time will be charged for at 50% of the order value. Orders cancelled within 12 hours of the booked delivery time will be charged for in full

Late bookings: 

We will always try to accommodate last minute orders wherever possible. We cannot guarantee to meet your exact choices but we will try to match them as closely as possible.

Delivery and pick up:

We will deliver your order on returnable platters. We will collect these the next day or in the next two days max. Deliveries made on Friday will be collected on Monday. Please dispose of any unconsumed food and place the empty platters and lids back into the delivery box. Please avoid using the delivery box as a refuse bin as this may incur additional sanitation charges of £5 per box.

Payment terms:

We will deliver a VAT invoice with the order. If your accounting site is not connected to the delivery point please let us know so the invoice can be re-directed. Terms net 30 days from invoice date. Please supply a remittance with your payment so that our invoices can be identified.


All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. This is still applicable if the invoice is being sent overseas as the delivery will have been made in the UK. All payments to be made in Pounds Stirling.